Clamp-On MTB Heated 1.3 Tri Grips

After years of research and development, A’ME is introducing the new Heated 1.3 Tri. This grip features micro process technology and internal sensors that give the rider the freedom to easily adjust each grip to any of the six temperature settings with a simple push of a button. This allows for comfortable hand temperatures that reduce fatigue and maintain finger dexterity. All of which improves rider control.

A’ME Heated 1.3 Tri grips are made of a specially formulated Vulcathane,™ compound that produces a tacky, durable surface with an ergo design and our popular triangle pattern that is a comfort to hold onto. With a single clamp-on design, installation is simple.

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MTB Heated Grips

Requires 45 watts of power per pair (22.5 watts each) and draws 3.5 amps per pair @13 volts in order to sustain the grips when initially turned on.A comfortable hand temperature improves blood flow which reduces fatigue and maximizes dexterity and performance. 6 Month Grip Replacement on Manufacture Defect.2-Year Half-Price Replacement Warranty on grips for damage due to fall or excessive wear.Simple push button, 6-setting temperature adjustment with LED lights.Weather proof connectors.Patent pending / Made in USA GRIPS ONLY $80. BATTERY PACK $89. BATTERY CHARGER $26.MOUNTING SYSTEM $4.COMPLETE KIT $199. NOTE: US Pricing ONLY. Call for International Pricing.
Available Colors Retail: $199.00